The staff of the Roselle Public Library will proctor exams for independent study students under the following conditions:

  • All requests for proctoring must be accompanied by a $25.00 payment to the Roselle Public Library.
  • Authorized signatories on proctoring requests are the director, the senior librarian, or the library associate. Pending exams are kept in the Exam File at the staff mailboxes, and are returned to whichever staff member authorized the exam.
  • Exams may be taken at any time, but must be concluded one half hour before the library's closing hours.
  • Unless the examining institution says differently in print, exams must be taken in the Main Room of the Library.
  • The Library makes no representations or guarantees about study conditions in the Main Room. In other words, it is not a quiet study, and test takers will have to co-exist with other library users. Test takers are advised to check with the Circulation staff for recommendations on scheduling.
  • The Library does not assign specific staff to proctor exams. Staff are not available to monitor any student on a one-on-one basis. Monitoring will be done from the Circulation Desk while other duties are being performed.
  • Students who find that the Library's rules and the school's rules are incompatible, may contract with an off-duty staff member for one-on-one proctoring, at the rate of $20/hour, payable to the proctor at the start of the exam.

Approved, Board of Trustees 4/3/03, Revised 10/19/06

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